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The business of water purification is the business of life. SUPER USHA RO SYSTEM has been romancing water for over a decade, having invested thousands of man-hours into research and development and today offers the country's largest range of water purification systems, converting almost every kind of urban and rural tap water into safe drinking water. Water is a necessity of life and pure drinking water is a basic need of the human body. If the quality of water that we drink is not good, we can get easily affected with various diseases.

The water we drink in our homes reaches us through pipelines. These pipelines, once laid down, are for ever and are hardly repaired or replaced. During its course a lot of biological impurities and hazardous chemicals get mixed with water and ultimately get into our body. Groundwater is another major source of drinking water and is most of the time not suitable for drinking, both in terms of purity and taste. More than 80% of the diseases are the result of contaminated water. Thus pure and clean drinking water is a must for human body. Thanks to growing awareness in people, who are getting health conscious day by day, they now want purified drinking water. 

SUPER USHA RO SYSTEM recognized this need of people and has worked towards revolutionizing the water purification market in India. The objective was to introduce products that will work in the Indian water conditions and provide pure drinking water to the common man at an economical price. In the last one decade, SUPER USHA RO SYSTEM has launched a vast range of highly innovative domestic water purification products to cater to the needs of various customers with varied incoming water conditions

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